Old video from Kerala shared with false communal claims.


Muslim boys throwing stones on Hindu bungalows in Kerala threatening them to vacate, same like Kashmir situation is going to come in future
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A video is virally shared on social media claiming that Muslim boys are throwing stones at Hindu bungalows in Kerala threatening them to vacate their houses. The user also added that Kerala is going to be the same as Kashmir in the coming years. The above video is shared multiple times with many different perspectives by many users which shows hatred between religious communities. Some of the posts can be viewed here and here.

What is the truth?

We started our research with the video keyframes reverse-search and further intensified with keywords search, we stumbled upon multiple news articles. The first thing is the video is old and dated back to 2016. The people who attacked and pelted stones are from Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) against the Communist Party of India (CPI) office in Nadapuram located in Kerala. A video uploaded on Manorama News Youtube channel in August 2016 is found carrying matching visuals from the viral video.

According to a local channel,  Manorama News, the attack happens on more than 50 houses in the surrounding locality. The report further states, “Widespread attack against houses in Nadapuram, even as attempts are being made to bring peace to the region. Fifty-one houses have been attacked. The attacks have happened mostly against houses of supporters of Congress, BJP and CPI(M). 2 dozen cases have been registered. The attackers had their faces covered to prevent identification by the police. autorickshaws, bikes and cars have been damaged. Cases have been registered against 50 persons. All political parties are active in attempts to bring peace. The Police have deployed a large number of personnel”.

The incident happened as pure vengeance towards Aslam, a 20-year-old worker of IUML, who was brutally murdered with 67 stab wounds, including 13 on his face and his hands were chopped. Mathrubhumi reported that the main accused, Rameesh, a CPM activist was arrested. It further stated “Police said that Rameesh was the main man behind hatching the conspiracy and he was the one who had identified Aslam for the murderers”.

Aslam was highly linked with the Shibin CPI(M) murder case that happened on January 22, 2015. This video with the violent attack happened when Aslam’s body was being carried towards the cemetery in Nandapuram, Kerala. Hence, this very old video is circulated with false information on social media which incites religious hatred towards the public.


So, there is no communal angle to this falsely circulated video, rather it is purely a retaliation case with a political background.

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