Old video from Pakistan falsely shared as BJP MP Devji Patel’s intimate dance with a woman.


Jalore-Sirohi BJP MP ‘Devji Patel ji…

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A video purportedly showing a person intimately dancing with a woman is shared with the claim that the person is Jalore-Sirohi BJP MP Devji Patel. A Twitter page ‘Congress Sevadal Sheohar’ that has mentioned itself as the official Twitter account of Sheohar Congress Sevadal, Bihar in its Twitter bio also shared the viral video with the same claim. Some of the other social media posts that are shared with the same claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When skimming through the comment section of the viral posts we found a tweet dated 27, June 2022 by Jalore Police mentioning that 2 people were arrested by Chitalwana police for spreading the viral video relating it to the BJP MP Devji Patel falsely.

The tweet also carries a statement that holds the news of the arrest of two people by the Chitalwana police station. The news article mentioned that the video is about 2 years old. It is also stated that this video was earlier viral in the name of different BJP leaders in Haryana.

The same is reported by CBC News Rajasthan on its YouTube channel on 26, June 2022. The video mentions that the accused who spread the video on social media with false claims that the person in the video is Jalore Sirohi MP Devji Patel is arrested.

When searching for the whereabouts of the viral video, we found a Facebook post dated 12, February 2020 by ‘Human Rights Media Network’, from Pakistan carrying the viral video with the caption in Urdu roughly translated as “Dr. Zafar Iqbal, a famous eye specialist of South Punjab, became a ship by injecting himself and the woman became a hoor and then a dance party in the hospital room while intoxicated. Where is the provincial health minister Dr. Yasmeen Rashida? Is this the new Pakistan”.

With further search, the video was also found uploaded on Naveed Arif butt Youtube channel in February 2020 mentioning that the person in the video is Dr. Zafar Iqbal, a famous eye specialist in Pakistan’s South Punjab.


It is found that an old video of Dr.Zafar Iqbal from Pakistan is shared to falsely claim that it is Rajasthan’s BJP MP Devji Patel intimately dancing with a woman.

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