Old video from Rajasthan shared as Bangalore Muslims decided to boycott Hindu shops.


Banglore MusIms decide not to buy anything from Hindus. “We have 5 years power, don’t buy petrol in Hindu pumps, don’t take medicine in Hindu shops”  They  want to break Hndus. Think  20% Jihadists threatening 80 %.  What if Hindus  turn the tables  Jaago Sanathana

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A video showing Muslims discussing boycotting Hindu shops where a person is heard asking not to buy petrol from pumps belonging to Hindus, not to buy medicines from medicals owned by Hindus is circulated now on Twitter and Facebook.


This video is shared to claim that Muslims in Bangalore decided not to buy anything from Hindus. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here, here and here. This video is extremely viral with the same claim now.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the video is old and is from Rajasthan. A Facebook post dated 24, April 2020 is found carrying this video along with another video to compare both the videos. The post is captioned “That’s the cost Hindus are paying for the secularism in India! Pro-Tip – Don’t mention anything, if you’re not confident about the person, just deny the product. It’s your money and it’s your choice. Nobody can force you to buy from a particular community”.

Another post dated 2, July 2019 by a Facebook page named ‘Hindu Thoughts’ is found carrying the viral video with the caption “Boycott Hindus and don’t take anything from their shops, announcement of Muslim masons of the entire market. Where did the seculars die”, as translated from Hindi. Multiple other accounts posted the same video in July 2019. This proves that the video is old.

With further search, we found a reply by Barmer Police to a tweet dated 14, March 2023 that carried the video with the caption translated as “Today Maulana has issued a fatwa in Barmer inside Rajasthan that don’t buy anything similar from Jats, Gurjars, Chaudharys and also don’t sit in any of their vehicles. The people of this Jamaat have been roaming around in mosques all over India and gathering Muslims and issuing such fatwas.”

The reply tweet by Barmer Police mentioned “The above video is of 2019 of village Bhojaria police station Bijrad. On 28.6.2019, one person died and three persons were injured due to an accident in a private bus in front of the petrol pump in Gagaria village of police station Ramsar.

In protest against this incident, demands were made by the relatives of the deceased during the protest during the funeral at their house. At the same time, such a speech was also given by the relatives of the deceased. At that time action was taken as per the rules.”


It is found that a video of an incident that happened in 2019 in Rajasthan is shared to falsely claim that it is from Karnataka’s Bangalore.

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