An old video of the Eid prayer from Russia shared as Paris


This is Paris today. May be Bharat tomorrow, with widespread Islam. If we don’t wake up now and act, again Aurangzeb’s Jizya rule will slap Hindus in Bharat. Just watch and weep.

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A 30-second video clip of the Eid prayer is circulated on social media for the last few months with a claim that it was in Paris and will happen in India tomorrow with a wide spread of Islam. The claim posts also ask people to wake up and act now. Some of the posts can be seen here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video, we found multiple pages with similar images in them.

A Twitter user ‘Olga Ivshina’ posted a similar picture in October 2013 mentioning Eid in Moscow.

The ‘Dawn’ article in 2011 captioned a similar image as ‘Russian Muslims pray outside Moscow’s central mosque on 30 August, celebrating the start of Eid-ul-Fitr’.

The ‘Caspian News’ article in July 2022 published an aerial view picture with the caption ‘The Moscow Cathedral Mosque, considered the biggest mosque in Europe and Russia, is expected to receive 200,000 Muslims throughout the three days of celebrations’.

A set of photos can be seen on the ‘Shafaqna’ website with the title ‘Russia: Muslims in Moscow Celebrate Eid Al-Fitr ’. And a Youtube channel ‘Mohhamed ALawlaqi’ published a video similar to the viral video in September 2011 mentioning ‘Eid in Moscow’.

We could not fetch the details on when the video was taken but could verify that the viral video is from Moscow Russia. It is understood from our search that the Eid prayer is held at the same location every year with a huge crowd.


The video claiming to be from Paris is taken during Eid prayers in Russia’s Moscow. Though we could not track the details of when it was taken, it is apparent that the video is not from Paris but from Russia.

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