Old video is shared to falsely claim Karnataka govt. has lifted hijab ban in colleges.


#BreakingNews Burka (Hijaab) allowed in all colleges in karnataka from today. Ma’ashaallah

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A video of allowing girls wearing hijab inside a place with police protection is shared widely to claim that the Congress-led Karnataka government lifted the ban on hijab in colleges and that students are allowed to enter the college premises with hijab. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the video is old and the Karnataka government has not lifted the ban on hijab as of this writing. Economic Times article dated 24, May 2023 reported that the Karnataka government is all set to overturn the hijab ban as Deputy Chief Minister D.K. Shivakumar, while campaigning for the May 10 Assembly polls, had vehemently stated that the ban on hijab and all laws made on communal basis by the previous BJP government would be withdrawn once the party assumes power in the state.

A tweet dated 23, May 2023 by Amnesty India called on the Congress government to take three priority actions for human rights including the revoke of ban on women wearing hijabs in educational institutions. The tweet mentions that the ban forces Muslim girls to choose between their rights to freedom of expression and religion and their right to education, hindering their ability to meaningfully participate in society.

ANI tweeted on 24, May 2023 that State Minister Dr. G Parameshwara said “We will see in future what best we can do. Right now, we have to fulfil the five guarantees we made to the people of Karnataka”, on Amnesty India demanding hijab ban in Karnataka be rolled back.

The video shared along with the viral post is shared since February 2022. One such post can be seen on Twitter with the caption in Bangla roughly translated as “Alhamdulillah. Finally wearing hijab in the exam hall. Hazrat Sumayya entered Tigress Descendants”.


It is found that an old video is shared to falsely claim that the Congress-led Karnataka government has lifted the ban on hijab and that students are allowed to wear hijab in colleges.

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