The claimed rousing response to Modi in 2022 is actually from 2019 !


Prime Minister Narendra Modi receives a rousing response in Mangaluru along with supporters waving hundreds of BJP flags.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently visited Mangaluru to launch various projects worth Rs.3800 crores at Goldfinch City at Bangrakulru in Mangaluru. The event took place on 2 September 2022.

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A video is being shared virally on social media by BJP supporters showing an enthusiastic crowd chanting Modi’s name as they wave hundreds of BJP flags.

What’s the truth ?

When we used the key frames of the video to search for the origins of the video, we found that the event actually happened in 2019. It took place on 3rd April 2019 during an election rally in Kolkata, for the 2019 Parliamentary elections.

The same video can be found on BJP’s official Twitter handle and as well as Narendra Modi’s official Twitter handle on April 3, 2019.

The same video was shared by Priti Gandhi and Amit Malviya on the same day in 2019 correctly attributing it to the election rally in Kolkata. Interestingly, both Priti Gandhi and Amit Malviya shared the exact same clip on different occasions in 2022.

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Priti Gandhi, who had held various posts in BJP, had tweeted the video on August 28, 2022, with a caption that Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a rousing response in Gujarat’s Kutch when he visited the state.

The same video is again tweeted by Amit Malviya, BJP’s National IT department head, with the caption “Energy. Enthusiasm” along with a hashtag that said Mangaluru. Amit Malviya’s tweet was made on 2nd September 2022 which is unavailable at this point, as it was deleted.


The video which is circulating in 2022 as Modi receives an energetic welcome is actually from an election rally in Kolkata and it was taken on 3rd April 2019. The video is currently being shared by some sections of the BJP supporters with a wrong claim that it took place in Mangaluru (or Kutch).

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