Old video of a chain-snatching incident is shared with a false communal angle.


Abdul was making arrangements for Eid … Jaipur. Today’s event! #EidUlFitr #EidMubarak #ParshuramJayanti #parshuramjanmotsav

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A video clip of a chain snatcher getting caught by the victim and attacked by the public after trying to snatch a chain from a woman waiting to cross the road is widely shared on social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook with the claim that it is a recent incident when a person named Abdul was making arrangements for Eid this year. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

The post in Hindi reads as “ईद का इंतजाम कर रहा था अब्दुलजयपुरआज की घटना !”

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the keyframes of the viral video, we not only found that the video is old but also got to know that the video is shared with false communal spin.

A Linkedin page is found carrying the viral video in a post that describes about self-defense by ‘Shashank Malpani’ and shared by ‘Sultan Ahmed’. The video was posted three years back and not a recent one as claimed.

The viral video seems to be clipped from the original video as the date of the incident recorded (08-30-2019) seen in the original video is not seen in the viral video.

When searching with the keywords ‘30th August 2019 chain snatching’ we found a 4, September 2019 dated article by The Asian Age with a matching visual from the viral video. The article is titled “Mother-daughter catch, beat up 2 chain snatchers in Delhi”. The image is captioned “According to the police, the two identified as Abdul Shamshad and Vikas Jain were arrested on the spot while snatching a gold chain from a woman’s possession in bright daylight on August 30”.

The article also carries a tweet dated 3, September 2019 by ANI. The viral video is tweeted by ANI with the caption “Bike borne chain snatchers caught red-handed by a woman and her daughter in Nangloi, Delhi on August 30. The chain snatchers were later arrested by police.”

Business Today article reported “The accused have been identified as Abdul Shamshad (32), a resident of Palam Colony and Vikas Jain (38), a resident of Kirari, a senior police officer said. Three bikes, two gold chains and two mobile phones were seized from them, officials said.” Though one of the accused is identified as Abdul, the incident does not have any communal angle.


It is found that a video of a chain snatching incident that happened in August 2019 is shared now to falsely claim that Abdul was making arrangements for Eid this year. It is to be noted that the two accused are identified as Abdul Shamshad and Vikas Jain, and the incident does not have any communal angle.

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