Old video of a cow slaughtered in Manipur shared as Karnataka.



I am told this is from Karnataka, unsure. And if it’s true- is this any way of celebrating a victory cutting a hapless animal’s throat on a party flag? Shame on humanity🥵 #Khangress Siddaramaiah DK Shivakumar Compassion Unlimited Plus Action – CUPA BJP Karnataka. Just piks as video is unbelievably graphic.

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After the announcement of Congress’s victory in the Karnataka elections, multiple rumours are being circulated. Recently, a video and images of a cow being slaughtered on a BJP flag is shared to claim that the incident is from Karnataka when people celebrated Congress’s victory by slaughtering a cow on a BJP flag. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the video is old and is from Manipur not Karnataka as claimed. A tweet dated 31, January 2022 by Nishant Azad is found carrying matching visuals with the caption “#Manipur: Muzlims slaughtered a #cow keeping on #BJP flag. The goons also abused Chief Minister @NBirenSingh and @BJP4Manipur president A Sarda Devi. And this Mohtarma @khanumarfa says that Muslims live in fear in India and there is a feeling of unease and insecurity among them”.

N.Biren Singh, Chief Minister of Manipur, replied to Nishant Azad’s tweet with the screenshot of Imphal Free Press news conveying that three were arrested for slaughtering cow over the BJP candidates list.

The IFP article mentions that the viral video shows individuals slaughtering a cow on a BJP flag laid on the ground, as a mark of protest against the announcement of the BJP tickets for the Manipur Assembly polls after which Nazbul Hussain, Abdur Rashid and Md Arif Khan were arrested by the Lilong police.

The Times of India article mentioned that they have been charged under the provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act 1960 and for promoting enmity among different religious groups.

Rumours that circulated after Congress’s victory in the Karnataka election and Fact-checked by Youturn are listed below:

Did BJP lose by 1000 and 2000 votes margin in 41 and 58 seats respectively?

Old video from West Bengal shared as fake voting by Congress party in Karnataka’s Muslim booth.

Pakistan PM’s tweet congratulating Congress for its victory in the Karnataka elections is fake.

Virat Kohli’s status congratulating Rahul Gandhi after Congress’s victory in Karnataka elections is fake.

Saffron flag was not replaced with Pakistan flag in Karnataka’s Bhatkal after Congress’s victory.


It is found that the video of cow slaughtering on a BJP flag is old and from Manipur but is falsely claimed as a celebration of Congress victory in Karnataka.

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