Old video of a Kerala reporter getting hit by a wave is shared as Gujarat cyclone.


Gujarat Cyclone

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Cyclone Biparjoy made its landfall in Gujarat yesterday and moved towards Rajasthan as of this writing. The cyclone has left a trail of destruction before weakening into a cyclone storm and it is said that it will weaken further into a deep depression. As the intensity of the cyclone decreases, many districts are likely to experience heavy to very heavy rainfall.

Meanwhile, a video showing a reporter with an umbrella getting hit by a wave is circulated with a hashtag that it is from the Gujarat cyclone.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video we found that the video is old and is from Kerala.

Indian Express article dated 15, June 2017 is found featuring an image matching the viral video. The image shows the reporter seen in the viral video. The article reported that the reporter was just standing in front of the sea, with a mic in hand reporting on how it has been days that the houses in that area got destroyed by the sea and people are now homeless and hungry, when a huge wave hit him, almost as if as a response to his ‘allegations’. This article is titled “This Kerala reporter gets hit by a MASSIVE sea wave while reporting on monsoon”.

The News Minute article identified the person in the video as News 18 Kerala reporter Anish. The video was captured when he was reporting on the turbulent sea and the havoc it has caused in Alappuzha. The video became viral that even celebrities including Jayasurya commended his spirit and sincerity.

News 18 Kerala Facebook page reported about the viral video on 15, June 2017 with the caption in Malayalam roughly translated as “News 18 Alappuzha correspondent Anish, who went to report the sea attack and narrowly escaped, is now the star of the social media. The video uploaded by Anish on Facebook was shared by many people including prominent people”. An extended version of the viral video is found in this news video. It is also reported that the viral video was shared by actor Jayasurya and former Kozhikode Collector Prasanth Nair.

Many old and unrelated videos are shared as Biparjoy cyclone in Gujarat. Youturn fact-checked and published articles on the same.

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Viral Video of tornado shared as Biparjoy Cyclone was created using CGI.


It is found that an old video of a News 18 Kerala reporter Anish reporting on the turbulent sea and the havoc that it has caused in Alappuzha in 2017 is falsely shared as a recent one from the Biparjoy cyclone in Gujarat.

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