Old video of a man breaking an EVM is falsely linked to INDIA alliance!


Presiding officers and security teams should be careful and alert…they can do anything due to the fear of defeat.

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India will hold seven rounds of general elections between April 19, 2024, and June 1, 2024. On June 4, 2024, the results will be made public after the votes have been counted. The Lok Sabha election’s first phase is now officially over, and the second phase has started.

In this instance, a man can be seen in a 59-second viral video signing the voting booklet while waiting in line and suddenly breaking the EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) by throwing it on the floor. Those in his immediate vicinity approach, seize, and drag him from the room. This post is shared with a claim stating, “Presiding Officers should be alert…these INDI Alliance people can do anything due to the fear of defeat.” You can view a similar claim post here and here.

What’s the truth?

Our research began with a pertinent Google keyword search that brought up news from Third Eye Media and NewsFirst Kannada dated May 12, 2023.

It is reported that the person who broke the EVM Ballot Control Unit (EVM Ballot Control Unit) at Hootagalli polling station under Chamundeswari assembly constituency of Karnataka did not belong to any party and that he was a common man who was mentally disturbed when he came to cast his vote, as per the police who arrested him.

After searching further we found an article from The Hindu website published on this incident on May 12, 2023. According to the article, “the person involved in this incident has been identified as Shivamurthy (48). He quietly signed the register before violently grabbing the EVM control device and throwing it on the ground.

The person is therefore suspected to be of unsound mind and a case has been registered against him under Section 84 of the IPC,” Deputy Superintendent of Police (Law and Order) Muthuraj said.

Star of Mysore media has also published an article about this on its page. Sivamurthy entered polling booth number 40, signed the register and received the ticket. Then he suddenly grabbed the ballot control device and threw it on the ground. Before he could pick it up and smash it again, he was reportedly stopped and arrested by polling staff and armed paramilitaries.

None of the English or Kannada news reports that covered this incident mention about his existence in any political party.

All of this data points out that the video is older than suggested by the viral claim, and the individual is not affiliated with any party.


According to our investigation, the video purporting to show a member of the INDIA alliance smashing the voting machine during the Karnataka assembly elections out of fear of losing is untrue. Also, the video is outdated—it was made in 2023.

There was no indication in the news reports that he was a member of any party, according to the police, who also stated that he was suspected of being mentally unwell.

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