Old video of Bittu Bajrangi weeping is falsely linked to Haryana violence.


Bittu Bajrangi is weeping after he gets a call from police during Haryana violence.

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Following the violence in Haryana’s Nuh and Gurugram during the religious procession by VHP and Bajrand Dal on July 31, police arrested people who incited violence. Bittu Bajrangi (Raj Kumar), cow vigilante and Gau Raksha Bajrang Force in-charge from Faridabad was also arrested in connection with a provocative video that he posted that morning and for brandishing weapons. However, he was released on bail later. He is also seen with Monu Manesar in multiple occasions.

Another video is also shared along with this video of him crying with the claim that the first video was before the Yatra and the second one was recorded after he got a call from the police on his arrest. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords for the source video of him crying we found a 2022 dated post carrying the same video. A Facebook post by ‘Gurucharn singh dora bjp’ dated 16, April 2022 is found carrying the matching visuals from the viral video where Bittu Bajrangi is seen crying. This video is of 27:24 minutes long and the viral video is clipped from this extended video.

He is heard saying in the viral video that he has been harassed a lot by the officials to get the names of other workers which he will not do it. The same can be heard from the 13-minute timestamp in the Facebook video.

Haryana Ab Tak‘s Facebook page also posted a 2:55-minute-long video of Bittu Bajrangi weeping. This post is dated 13, April 2022. This proves that the video is not related to Haryana violence but is an old video.

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It is found that the video of Bittu Bajrangi weeping bitterly is old and is not related to recent Haryana violence.

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