Old video of boy placing stones on the train track is shared with misleading claims.


SHOCKING! After the horrible #OdishaRailTragedy ,videos hv emerged showing how some elements WANT Indian Railways to FAIL. This kid was caught trying to derail trains, with stones on an entire stretch of the tracks! On Whose orders??

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A video of a boy who places stones at a long stretch of the train track getting caught is shared mentioning that the video emerged after Odisha train accident and it shows how some elements want Indian Railways to fail. The video also shows the boy removing the stones placed and pleading to the man dragging him, not to hand him over to the police.

The video is shared by many with different claims but with the same context that the boy is being directed by jihadis or training by someone to derail the train in Karnataka. It is also mentioned in the posts that this is a war on the nation. Some of the posts with the video can be seen here and here.


What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video we found that the video is old and is not a recent one.

A Facebook post dated 8, May 2018 is found carrying the viral video with the caption “this is how trains are derailed and people die and we blame the railways and the government“.

When Google searching for Devanagar in Karnataka, as uttered by the boy in the viral video, we found that Kalaburagi railway station is nearby the place mentioned. And when searching for the distance between the railway station and Devanagar, Google answered that they are 3.3 km apart. The viral video was likely captured somewhere near this railway station.

We contacted the Railway Inspector of Kalaburagi railway station to check about the viral video. He responded that “it is a very old video that could have happened somewhere in 2017 or 2018 on the track between Kalaburagi and Wadi railway station. The railway officials excused the boy and did not file any case as he accepted his mistake that he placed the stones playfully. The act of placing stones on the track was not done with any intention by the boy. And no individual or group is behind him”.

Multiple other claims that are shared with false communal color relating to Odisha’s Balasore train tragedy are fact-checked by Youturn.

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ISKCON temple near the Odisha train accident site shared as Mosque to create communal disharmony.


It is found that an old video of a boy placing stones on the train track playfully in Karanataka is shared as recent with multiple claims including that the boy is directed by someone to derail the train, it is a war against the nation, these kids are used by jihadis to derail the train and so on.

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