Old video of Congress MLA kicking turban of a villager is falsely shared in the name of BJP MP CM Shivraj Chouhan.


Situation of Dalit(s) in BJP ruling state Madhya Pradesh, CM Shivraj Chouhan kicking Turban of a poor dalit

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A video purportedly showing a politician kicking the turban of a poor man when he tried to put the turban on the politician’s feet is viral now. One of the social media users shared the video to check the veracity of the video mentioning that it is being circulated with a claim that it is BJP ruling state Madhya Pradesh’s CM Shivraj Chouhan kicking Turban of a poor dalit.

What is the truth?

When watching the video carefully we found that the timestamp of CCTV footage is dated 21, October 2021. When searching with relevant keywords we found that the person seen in the video kicking the turban of poor man is not Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Chouhan of BJP but Rajasthan Congress MLA Rajendra Singh Bidhuri.

The Free Press Journal article dated 17, October 2023 reported that the man, whose turban was kicked by Bidhuri had approached the MLA representing Begun constituency in Chittorgarh for assistance over his son’s unemployment. Bidhuri was so enraged that he kicked the man’s turban and left with his supporters. The man then picks up his turban and ties again it around his head.

Indian Express reported that the Congress MLA Bidhuri said “It is a video from 2021 and is edited. I did not behave like that. The man came to meet me. He put his turban on the ground and I was moving ahead. I asked him to pick up the turban”. 

The article also stated that Bidhuri said his political opponents are circulating the video to defame him ahead of the November 25 polls and that he would file a defamation case against them.

Rajasthan Tak reported the incident with a video of the son of the villager, Labi Ram Gurjar, resident of village Gandelia appealing to the Gurjar community to support him. The article stated that the villager had gone to a restaurant with his plea to MLA Rajendra Singh Bidhuri but he did not listen to him but instead kicked his turban. And not just that but he also abused the villager.


It is found that an old video of Congress MLA Rajendra Singh Bidhuri, Rajasthan kicking the turban of a villager is falsely shared in the name of BJP Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Chouhan.

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