A video of a dispute between the BJP executives from 2023 is shared as recent one!


Tamil Nadu: BJP IT & Social Media Cell District Secretary* Rajesh Biju was brutally thrashed last evening in front of his house.

Rajesh is undergoing treatment in Sri Chakra Hospital, Nanganallur, Chennai East.

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A video has been posted on the X page ‘Megh Updates’ that Rajesh Biju, the secretary of BJP’s information technology wing, Chennai East district, was assaulted recently. Many right-wingers are spreading this on social media. You can see a similar claim post here.

What is the truth?

In the leaked CCTV footage, the date ‘31.07.2023’ is visible. We searched the internet using the keyframes of the viral video using Google reverse image search. We discovered that the same video was posted under the title “BJP executive who attacked his own party member!” on the website “Lokal App” on August 1, 2023.

After discussing the public outlawing of alcohol, a video featuring BJP General Secretary for Chennai East District S.S. Subbiah consuming alcohol inside a restaurant went viral on social media. It has been reported that Rajesh, the secretary of the BJP IT wing, who was preparing to release the video, was attacked by Subbiah and his allies.

Both Dhinakaran and Vikatan reported this incident. In connection with the attack, a case has been filed against Jawahar Armstrong, Mutharasan, and Subbiah.

The police department also shared the viral video on the X page and explained the facts behind it.

The tweet was captioned as “The video pertains to a fight that occurred due to personal dispute between two factions of a political party @ Nanganallur and which happened on 31.07.2023 NOT yesterday. In this regard, a case was registered in the jurisdictional police station and proper legal action was taken. Do not share unverified information. Strict legal action will be taken against those spreading wrong and unverified information.”

According to the news published by Vikatan, “Subbiah, who rented the shop and turned it into his BJP office, has a habit of drinking alcohol at night by inviting his friends and supporters. Due to this, there was a problem between the shop owner and Subbiah for a long time. In this context, the old photographs of Subbiah have been released,” said a BJP member from Nanganallur area.

The owner of the shop asked Subbiah about this as he was engaged in activities like drinking alcohol in the shop without paying the rent. According to Vikatan news, Subbiah threatened the shop owner that he would not be able to survive.

It is clear from the above information that the video spread shows the altercation in the year 2023 within the BJP administration.

This indicates that during the election, someone shared an outdated video purporting to be an attack on the BJP executive.


Thus we conclude that the video circulating that a BJP worker was assaulted in Chennai the day before yesterday is not true. The video shows a conflict between BJP executives in 2023.

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Indu Meenakshi

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