Old video of kids’ play bank notes resurfaced with false claims.


Watch how Pakistani Jihadis are counterfeiting Indian money and sending it to #India. Send this video to everyone, For #ExposedPakistan

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A video purportedly showing a person stacking the bundles of 50 and 200 rupee currency notes is widely circulated to claim that it is being printed in Pakistan by Pakistani jihadis to send to India. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.


This video is viral at least since 2018 and is being circulated with the same claim at least since 2020, and has resurfaced now.

What is the truth?

Youturn fact-checked the same claim when it was circulated in Tamil in 2018.

Hindustan Times in an article dated February 2017 shows the comparison of real 2000 rupee notes and the fake ones printed with ‘Children Bank of India’ or ‘Bharatiya Children Bank’ on the currency notes. These fake notes are said to have been printed for kids’ entertainment purposes.

The currency notes seen in the video are 50 and 200 rupees whereas what is seen in the Hindustan Times article is a 2000 rupee note comparison. Though, some of the differences quoted in the article can be spotted in the currency notes seen in the viral video.

The currency notes seen in the viral video do not have a serial number, ‘Bharatiya Children Bank’ appears to be in place of ‘Reserve Bank of India’, and a logo with PK written inside it is seen in place of ‘RBI logo’, Governor’s signature is missing, and India Rupee code is not seen in the viral video currency note.

Hindustan Times listed around ten differences between fake kids’ play banknotes and real currency note. We could spot almost all in the currency note seen in the viral video.

However, there were multiple instances where the fake currency notes printed as kids play bank notes replaced the original currency notes and started circulating right from local shops to ATMs.


It is found that the video showing currency notes are fake kids’ play bank notes. This video is viral with the same old Pakistan Jihadi claim added to it.

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