Old video of Pakistanis uprooting trees shared with misleading claims.


Not just human, animaIs, cars but also trees aren’t safe from peaceful people These are Pakistani men destroying trees! Might be somehow against their PeacefuI culture!

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A video showing people uprooting the trees is shared in a context that planting tree is against the faith of Muslims. This video is shared with similar claims since 2020. It mentions when the tree plantation drive was started in Pakistan, namazi Shantidooth people oppose it because it was against the Islamic faith. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.


What is the truth?

While searching for why Pakistanis are uprooting the trees planted on vacant land, ‘International The News’ article is found publishing a video similar to the viral video titled “Locals uproot trees of PTI lawmaker’s plantation campaign in Khyber over land dispute” on 9, August 2020. The incident took place in the Mandi Kas area of Khyber, Pakistan.

Local residents have uprooted trees planted during PTI MLA Iqbal Afridi’s campaign in Khyber over the land dispute. One of the men, who uprooted several trees, said the tree-planting project had been forcefully carried out on “private land” belonging to citizens.

Regarding this, Khyber Deputy Commissioner Mahmood Aslam said there was dispute between two groups over land owned by the Sipah tribe. “One of the groups gave permission for the plantation drive; the other uprooted them,” he said.

On 9, August 2020, the then Pakistan Prime Minister, Imran Khan launched a program to plant lakhs of trees across the country. As a part of them, a tree-planting campaign has been carried out in the Khyber region. But due to the problem between the two groups regarding the land, they uprooted the trees.

This article is originally published in Tamil on 10, August 2020 by Youturn.


It is found that the video of uprooting trees planted during a tree plantation drive in 2020 in Pakistan due to a land dispute between two groups is shared as planting tree is against the Islamic faith.

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