An old video of Shah Rukh Khan getting into a scuffle is shared with false claims linking to his Dunki movie


Shahrukh Khan was seen slapping a fan when someone from crowd shouted that #Dunki is a remake of movie #CIA

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In the viral 13-second video we see the bollywood actor walking along a crowd of people and when someone tries to come close, the actor gets furious and reacts on the spot by slapping and pushing the person.

This video was shared claiming that the actor Shahrukh Khan was slapping a fan when he heard someone from the crowd shout that his upcoming movie Dunki is a remake of the Malayalam movie CIA. This same post was shared by some users with a similar claim can be seen here and here.Come, let’s check the authenticity of this viral claim.

What is the truth?

When we started our research using keywords like ‘angry Shahrukh Khan’, and ‘Shahrukh slapped a fan’ it led us to various articles from 2016. This confirms that the video is around 7 years old.

According to an India Today article titled “Shah Rukh Khan in a scuffle with a fan in Turkey?” published on 19 September 2016, ‘Shah Rukh Khan was in Turkey to shoot for Imtiaz Ali’s The Ring alongside Anushka Sharma.’ The report talks about the now-viral video but this was a lengthy version. This video was 37 seconds and was shared by an Instagram portal namely ‘ibollywoodlife’ on 19 September 2016.

During the start of the video the actor walks among the crowd and takes selfies, shake hands with some fans along his bodyguards. Here we can see a fan trying to come very close to the actor and wrap his hand around the neck of the actor for a photograph and the actor gets angry and slaps and pushes him aside. Also the video ends in such a way that the fan having a sad face for such a bad experience. This clearly proves that the viral video is from 2016 and not a recent one.

We also got another article published on 21 September 2016, by with a title, ‘Tussle in Turkey: Angry Shah Rukh Khan PUSHES away a fan!.’ The report states that, “Shah Rukh Khan was shooting for his upcoming Imtiaz Ali’s ‘The Ring’ and has been meeting his fans, shaking hands, taking selfies, giving once-in-a-lifetime fan moments to thousands. But one unfortunate fan in Turkey had himself at the receiving end of SRK’s anger.”

Thus the above evidence proves that the viral video is from 2016 and is not a recent one. This video has nothing to do with his upcoming movie Dunki. Also we didn’t hear anyone shouting about the movies Dunki or CIA in the videos.


Therefore, we conclude with the available evidence that the viral video claiming that actor Shah Rukh Khan slapped his fans since someone shouted that his next movie Dunki is a remake of the Malayalam movie CIA is false. 

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