2020 video of Chouhan criticising liquor policy of MP Congress govt is edited and shared with false claims


Shivraj Chouhah, Madhya Pradesh CM said “Make everyone drink alcohol so that no one talks at work.”

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Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections are scheduled to be held in November 2023. As the election date is nearing, multiple misinformation are being shared on social media platforms.

A 16-second video purportedly showing Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Shivraj Choujan speaking in favour of alcohol consumption is shared mentioning that he is asking to make everyone drink alcohol so that no one talks at work. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords in Hindi we found that the original video was recorded in 2020 during the rule of Congress in Madhya Pradesh. Shivraj Chouhan is seen criticising the liquor policy of the ruling Congress in the state in 2020. A part of this original video has been edited and is being shared now.

An X post by Shivraj Singh Chouhan dated 12, January 2020 is found carrying the original video of 2:36-minute length. This video is captioned “There is panic all around. Farmers’ paddy is not being sold, loans are not being waived, and youth are not getting unemployment allowance. Development works are also at a standstill. In such a situation, the government is bent upon ruining the young generation by opening liquor sub-shops. We will not remain silent, we will fight.”

He is seen talking about farmers loans and youth unemployment initially in the video. Later, he speaks against the liquor policy of the Madhya Pradesh government. This portion of the original video is edited and shared to falsely claim that he encourages liquor policy. He is also seen saying in the video that he wrote to CM twice but remains unresolved. It is to be noted that Congress was ruling the state when this video was posted in January 2020. Congress lost to BJP Shivraj Singh Chouhan in March 2020.

We found an X post dated 14, June 2020 by the Office of Shivraj. This account has quoted the original video posted on Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s account with the caption, “This is the original video. There is no place for petty politics in Madhya Pradesh!” and mentioned that strict legal action will be taken against whoever is sharing the fake video released by the Dirty Tricks Department of Congress on Tweets and WhatsApp.


It is found that an old video of Shivraj Singh Chouhan criticising the liquor policy of the then Congress government in Madhya Pradesh is edited and falsely shared to claim that he encourages liquor policy.

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