Old video of slogans recited by European Vedic Union in Croatia is falsely claimed as America’s White House.


“Shri Rudram Stotram”was recited at the White House in America. It is impossible to imagine that Americans can pronounce it so cleanly. Is it a great pride?”Sri Rudram Stotram”was recited by Jeffrey Arhardt at the White House

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A video of foreigners performing a ritual with slogans is shared to claim that the slogans were recited in the White House, America by Jeffrey Arhardt. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.


What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found multiple X posts carrying the same video. One such post dated April 2018 mentions that the video of Shri Rudra Chamakam was performed by 400+ Europeans in Croatia. And further, it stated that similar events were to be organised in different places in Europe.

We also found a YouTube video dated April 2018 carrying the viral video. This video is titled ‘Shri Rudram and Chamakam performed by 400+ Europeans’.

The description part reads “Shri Rudram and Chamakam performed by 400+ Europeans in Croatia. The European Veda association would be performing this across many places in Europe for world peace. Amazing! Absolutely proud to be born in the lineage of Vedic tradition. Looks like others are picking up where we left it.”

With further search, we landed on the website of ‘Veda Union’, a network that unites all European Veda chanting groups. We also found details about the event related to the viral video on the website. The photos from the event are also published on this page.

The event is named ‘Rudram 11’ and was held in March 2018 in Zagreb, Croatia. The founders of the Union, Vojko Kercan from Slovenia and Branimir Gonan from Croatia are seen performing in the viral video. They are also seen performing in other similar events.


It is found that the video is old and not from America’s White House. The video is of Rudram 11 event organised by European Vedic Union in Croatia.

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