Old video of bulldozer discarding flood water into a truck is shared as recent from Chennai Michaung cyclone.


World wonders at the technology of Dravida Model Rule for removing flood water in Chennai.

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Due to the complete disruption of power and phone services during the floods brought on by the intense rains that battered Chennai on December 3 and 4, the public’s ability to go about their regular lives was severely impacted.


In this case, a 29-second video of flood water being removed by a bulldozer into a truck was posted on social media saying that the world wonders at the technology of Dravidian model for removing flood water in Chennai.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the keyframes of the viral video we found that the video is old and not from recent Michaung cyclone in Chennai. The Facebook page of Khushal Pakistan has posted the same video on July 24, 2022. After checking his profile, it was found that he is from Pakistan.

Further searching it is revealed that the same video was previously shared as a satire with the title “When you get paid by the hour” on the Spanish language on a website named ‘finofilipino’ on December 06, 2018.

We could not ascertain the whereabouts of this video. However, this video is doing rounds on the internet at least since 2018. This clarifies that the video is not recent or from Cycline Michaung in Chennai.

This article was originally published in Tamil by Youturn on 9, December 2023. Multiple other old and unrelated videos were shared in the name of Cyclone Michaung earlier. YouTurn covered them and the articles can be read from the below links.

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It is found that an old video of bulldozer removing flood water into a truck has been on the internet at least since 2018. This old video is falsely shared as recent one from Michaung cyclone in Chennai.

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