No, the video does not show scenes of Pakistan cricket team having dinner after they arrive in India for World Cup 2023.


Pakistani cricket team arrived in India today and that’s how they had dinner

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On 27, September 2023, the Pakistan cricket team members reached India for World Cup Cricket 2023. Meanwhile, a video purportedly showing people fighting at a buffet in a hotel is widely shared to claim that it is the scene of the Pakistani cricket team having dinner after arriving in India. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the video is old and is not from India. An X post by Anu Sehgal dated 3, October 2020 is found carrying the viral video. The caption reads “That’s Lahore’s Bar Election Dinner! How elegant”. This proves that the video is not recent but has been doing rounds on the internet at least since October 2020.

We also found another post by Usman Raza Jamil dated 1, October 2020 carrying the same video with the caption “lahore bar election gathering zindabad..lets slap each other to get first dibs on the meat – lets keep our facemasks off whilst we push and shove and lets show the next generation of lawyers what lies ahead for their time”

When watching the video closely we could not recognise any faces from Pakistan cricket team in the video. But people appear to be in white shirts, black coat and tie in the video. Though their attire matches that of advocates we could not ascertain if the video is from the 2020 Lahore bar election.

However, we could ascertain that the video is old and is not a recent scene of Pakistan cricket team members having dinner in India.


It is found that the video is old and was not recently recorded after the Pakistan cricket team arrived in India for the World Cup 2023.

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