Old video of Imran Khan supporters attack is falsely linked to the recent Mianwali air base operation

Video of a model plane torched by Imran Khan supporters in May is falsely attributed to the recent terror attack on Mianwali air base.


Pak Airforce fighter jets up in flames. Meanwhile, the Mianwali airbase attack is still ongoing.

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Mianwali Air Base in Pakistan was attacked by Tehreek-e-Jihad, a terrorist organisation, in which at least 10 aircrafts are reportedly destroyed. The Pakistan Army had responded that 9 terrorists were killed in, what it calls, a failed attack. Now, a video is circulating in social media with claims that it is taken after the said attack.

In the 3-second viral video, we can see a Pakistani fighter jet on fire. The post by a X ID named Frontal Force has garnered a huge 233.5K views, 2.2K likes, and 658 reposts at the time of writing the article. Many similar claims can be seen here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

When we started our search with the keyframes from the viral video, we found a video from by ‘Hindustan Times’ on their YouTube. The video was posted on 10th May 2023. Imran Khan, the Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, was arrested in May as he was not cooperating with the officials in an ongoing corruption investigation according to the Pakistan Government. His supporters alleged political vendetta, though dismissed by the Government, and staged a protest which quickly turned very violent.

They attacked the Mianwali air base and torched a dummy aircraft, as seen in the viral video. Several news outlets such as Hindustan Times, India Today, Free Press Journal, Business Today, The Print reported on the attack.  The same video that is being spread now was posted on X (Twitter) as well by many users back then. See here and here.

The video of a model plane burning in the Mianwali air base that was taken during a violent protest in May 2023 when Imran Khan was arrested is now shared with false claims that these were taken during the recent attack on Mianwali air base by a terrorist organistaion.


An old unrelated clip is falsely linked to the recent terrorist attack at the Mianwali air base that took place on 4th November 2023.

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