Old videos are passed off as sighting of Starlink Satellites trail in Uttar Pradesh


51 Starlink internet satellite spotted  in #UttarPradesh skies over #Lucknow, Hardoi, Malihabad on Monday evening.On Sunday, a #SpaceXFalcon 9 rocket lifted off from #CapeCanaveral Space Force Station on the east coast of #Florida, carrying #StarLink internet satellites #Viral

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Starlink is a high-speed Internet Provider using a constellation of satellites that orbit the earth to provide internet even to the most remote areas of the world. Starlink intends to launch more than 40,000 satellites to the Low Earth Orbit and over 3000 satellites are already in orbit by September 2022.

These satellite launches have resulted in a spectacle that looks like an array of stars moving in the sky. Now, some social media users uploaded these videos claiming that they have seen similar trail of Starlink satellites in Uttar Pradesh. This has been covered in many news channels as well.

What’s the truth ?

We took the keyframes from the video tweeted by a twitter user named @shivanipost and ran a reverse image search. We found that the video was uploaded to YouTube almost a year ago by a channel “Viral Video Lab”.

Another similar video from the user @curlykrazy07 is also taken from the same channel which was published on 30th April 2020.

Incidentally, Starlink launched 51 satellites from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida on 5th September 2022. This was 40th launch of Starlink satellites in 2022.

So, this launch of 51 satellites and the old videos are clubbed to create this fake news that Starlink satellites were visible in Uttar Pradesh.


The videos that are virally shared in social media as Starlink satellite trail seen from Uttar Pradesh are actually old videos taken in previous years from different countries. This was not taken from India and are not recent. The claim that Starlink satellites’ trail seen in Uttar Pradesh is completely false.

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