Ida Hurricane video and Auckland supermarket flood videos are falsely shared as recent ones from the NewYork flood


Claim: 1

More footage from the New York City flooding. Does anyone know what caused this?

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Claim: 2

People grocery shopping in knee-high water during the apocalyptic flooding in New York City today as strange new animals float around them.

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In the above viral claim videos, we can see that in a railway subway water is overflowing through the top of the metro like waterfalls. This video garnered around a huge 457K views and above 5000 likes. And in the second video we can see people walking through knee-length high water level in a super market.  Both the videos are shared now claiming that its from the recent flood of NewYork. One video from the metro station claimed as the recent disastrous NewYork floods can be seen here and here.

Another video is from a supermarket with similar claims linked with recent NewYork floods can be seen here and here.

Come, let’s check the authenticity of these viral claims.

What’s the truth?


When we started our research with the first subway flood claims we saw the comment section which called out that those are old videos from 2021. We took that as a cue and searched the internet with the screen grab from the video which led to so many articles published during the hurricane Ida from NewYork. The article from USA Today titled “Videos show historic flooding in New York after Ida blasts the Northeast” published on 2 September 2021 carries the same image of the water flowing through the top of the metro in a subway station.

According to the article published 5 September 2021 by the ABC News, ‘At least 67 people across eight U.S. states have died due to Ida. 

In addition to this, both the videos display the same station name as ‘Jefferson Street.’ However, the original video was shot by ‘Alex Etling via Storyful.’

We also searched the user, Alex Etling, and found the same viral video on his X account uploaded on 2 September 2021, with the caption, “Getting a bit of rain in New York City tonight…”

This clearly proves that the video was taken during the Ida hurricane happened in NewYork at 2021 and not related to the recent NewYork floods.


We started our research for the second claim video with the keyframes from the viral video taken at a supermarket. This led us to many reports from early January 2023 but not from NewYork. The incident was from Auckland, New Zealand heavy rains. According to the news report from ‘’ with a title “New Zealand weather: Two dead as Auckland hit by entire summer’s rainfall in hours” published on 28 January 2023, ‘Auckland was “underwater” after deadly floods hit New Zealand’s largest city overnight on Friday evening.

Video posted to TikTok shows people looking for food inside the PAK’nSAVE at Wairau Road.’ This same video was also featured as shorts on the YouTube of

Another video report from The Chronicles Australia also mentioned that a New Zealand supermarket in Wairau had been flooded as a state of emergency was declared across the city. The video uploaded was the same viral video but in a shorts form.

This clearly proves that this supermarket video is not from the recent floods of NewYork rather its from Auckland, New Zealand.


Thus, we conclude with all the evidence that both the videos are not from the recent NewYork floods.

In reality the first viral video was from NewYork but its old and from the Ida hurricane which happened in 2021.

The second viral video is not from NewYork but was from Auckland, New Zealand heavy summer rains.

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