This article is from Jun 23, 2021

Fake Tweet in the name of Omar Abdullah… BJP supporters criticize Congress with that Fake Tweet!


See how former Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Sonia is exposing the Congress party? “The BJP has been in opposition for 20/30 years and has never once spoken out against India’s dignity. But the Congress party, which has been in opposition for just seven years, is bent on humiliating India every time it sees progress” Should the Congress party be uglier than this?

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Former Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has been criticized by many BJP supporters on his Twitter page for claiming to be sharing a tweet screenshot saying that the BJP has not insulted India even though it has been in opposition for 20-30 years, but the Congress, which has been in opposition for 7 years. Congress has insulted the India at every stage of India’sprogress.

Fact Check:

The BJP government removed the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and divided it into two union territories. As such, it seemed that in the name of Omar Abdullah a tweet have in the support of the BJP’s activities goes viral on social media.

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Searching for the tweet featuring Farrago Abdullah (abdullah_omar), Farrago Abdullah’s Twitter page was found and the tweet went viral on June 16th. But, it is not the official Twitter page of Omar Abdullah. It turned out to be a fake Twitter page.

That fake Farrago Abdullah’s Twitter page said, ” This is an unofficial account, a fake, again blocked by Omar Abdullah, I am not a Pakistani. ”

Original twitter 

No such tweet was posted on the real, official Twitter page of Omar Abdullah, vice-president of the National Convention Party of Kashmir.


In our search, the tweet circulating in the name of the former Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah could be identified as a fake. The claim that Omar Abdullah tweeted as “the opposition Congress was insulting India at every stage India’s progress” was tweeted by a fake Twitter page, not by the official Omar Abdullah’s twitter handle.


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