Did Annamalai say that OPS would turn the AIADMK into a caste party like PMK?


Edappadiyar’s leadership is good. Edappadiyar leadership is good for AIADMK. OPS will turn the party into a caste party like PMK – Annamalai comments on AIADMK single leadership issue.



Amid a debate over the leadership of the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) between the OPS and the EPS, a Thanthi TV news card has been circulating on social media that Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai had said that the OPS would turn the AIADMK into a caste party like PMK.

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What is the truth?

Asked about Annamalai’s comments on AIADMK’s internal affairs, he said, “BJP will not interfere in AIADMK internal affairs; AIADMK is the strongest party in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai interview in Coimbatore”, says original Thanthi TV news card.

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June 16th news card about Annamalai’s statement that the BJP would not interfere in the AIADMK’s internal affairs is edited.

When asked about the rumours circulating about Annamalai, Nirmal Kumar, the IT Wing Head of the Tamil Nadu BJP, said, “This is fake news.”


The news card that spreads as Annamalai’s opinion on the AIADMK single leadership issue is known to be fake.

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