Does the photo show P. Chidambaram touching Jayalalithaa’s feet?


One of Mr. Chidambarams rare photo.

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An image of a person touching the feet of J. Jayalalithaa, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is shared with the claim that the person touching Jayalalithaa’s feet is P. Chidambaram. This image is viral since 2014 on Twitter and Facebook with the same claim and has resurfaced again now. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

Youturn fact-checked this claim and published an article on 6, April 2019.


A blog page named ‘Tamil Nadu Politics’ uploaded multiple images of Ministers touching the feet of the former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on 13, September 2005 mentioning “Tamil Nadu ministers falling at Jayalalithas feet”. And we found the viral image also uploaded in the set of images.

The blog page listed the photos mentioning “Following are the pics of shameless ministers falling at jayalalithas feet in public!” And the viral image is captioned “Minister ThambiDurai – Tmail nadu minister”. Thambi Durai was the Minister of the ADMK government.

The blog is also found with several other photos of Ministers including Valarmathi, Veluchaamy, Semmalai and Jeyakumar touching the feet of Jayalalithaa. These images appear to have been captured on the same occasion.

The viral image was in circulation since 2014 with the same claim that it is P. Chidambaram who is seen touching the feet of Jayalalithaa. But the photos were posted on the blog page in 2005 during the ADMK regime in Tamil Nadu.


It is found from our search that the photo does not show P. Chidambaram touching the feet of Jayalalithaa but the former Minister Thambi Durai.

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