This article is from May 10, 2022

Was there a procession supporting Modi with the BJP flag in Pakistan ?


BJP flag in Pakistan. People in Balochistan, Pakistan, believe that Modi will bring independence.

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A 2-minute video claiming to be a procession of people who believe that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will bring independence to Balochistan in Pakistan, marching in support of Modi and Amit Shah with the BJP flag in their hands has gone viral on social media.

What is the truth?

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While taking keyframes from the video of a BJP flag marching in Balochistan and doing a reverse image search, BJP vice-president Sofi Yousuf’s Twitter page posted the claimed video on March 30, 2019, mentioning it as, “going to file nomination paper” for the 2019 parliamentary elections.

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The next day, the ‘BJP Jammu & Kashmir’ Twitter account has posted, “Amid sloganeering BJP’s Anantnag parliamentary constituency candidate Sh. Sofi Yousuf accompanied by thousand of supporters including women folks files nomination paper in Anantnag”.

Earlier, another video falsely claiming that people sloganeered ‘Modi Modi’ in the Pakistani parliament was shared.


In our search, we came to know that the video taken when the BJP candidate went to file his nomination paper in the Jammu and Kashmir region that comes under India in 2019 is being spread as if it was taken in Balochistan, Pakistan.

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