This article is from Aug 03, 2020

Hackers Hacked Pakistan’s channel and broadcasted the Indian national flag!


Indian hackers hacked Pakistan’s Dawn TV channel and aired the Indian flag on it.



A video of a Pakistani Dawn channel being hacked and airing the word “Happy Independence Day” with the tricolour flag of India has gone viral on Indian social networking sites. YouTurn’s followers also asked us about its authenticity.

The Indian national flag and an Independence Day greeting have been announced in the middle of the airing of an advertisement on Pakistan’s Dawn News Channel. It appears and disappears for a while around 3.30 pm.

Twitter link | archive link 


The Dawn News Channel has published a report on this. “The Dawn administration has ordered an immediate inquiry into the incident,” the Urdu post said on its Twitter page. They said that the audience would be informed after the investigation. 

This news is now going viral on the Indian social networking site.

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