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Video shared as Pakistan army declaring war on Baluchistan is not true as it is from Turkey


Pakistan has declared war on Balochistan right now Pakistani jets, helicopters, gunships & tanks are moving in into inhabited areas of bolan and adjacent ares.


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A video is being shared on social media claiming that Pakistan declared war on Balochistan and that the Pakistan jets, helicopters, gunships and tanks are moving into Bolan and adjacent areas. Such claims can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When the video is watched closely, name of the Instagram account ‘Bordoberelilerr’ is mentioned in it. When searched for the same on google, it is revealed that ‘Bordo Bereliler’ is a nickname of the Special Forces Command division of the Turkish Armed Forces.

The Instagram account ‘Bordo Bereliler’ mentions ‘Social Media Platform Turkish Armed Forces’ as its description.

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When searched for the viral video, it seem to have been published on ‘Bordo Bereliler’ Facebook page in August 2018.

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When we searched for the news on the war against Baloch people by Pakistan army, ‘The Quint’ article dated 4, November 2021 mentions, “According to local sources, helicopters have been seen shelling in Uch-Kaman areas and massive explosions heard. Several houses have been burnt, all traffic routes have been blocked and a large number of gunship helicopters were spotted hovering over these areas while military choppers are shelling the place”, but the viral video is unrelated to the claim made as it is from Turkey.


The social media post with a video claiming that Pakistan declared war on Balochistan is fake. It is an old video from ‘Bordo Bereliler’, Special Forces Command division of the Turkish Armed Forces.

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