WhatsApp rumour video that a Hindu Dalit mother and daughter refusing to convert to Islam being attacked in Pakistan!


In this video from the Faisalabad district of Pakistan, a Hindu Dalit mother and daughter were stripped naked and beaten in a public place.

The Hindu Dalit mother and daughter were converted to Islam before the intimidation, which the Dalit mother and daughter did not accept, but they secretly worshipped their Hindu gods and goddesses, Muslims forcibly entered their house and captured them. Both the mother and daughter were thrown out in front of a large crowd of Muslims, which can be seen in the video.



A 1-minute video has gone viral on social networking sites, including WhatsApp, claimed to be of a Hindu Dalit mother and daughter who refused to convert to Islam in Faisalabad, Pakistan, being stripped naked and assaulted in a public place. We resist sharing the claimed video here as the woman and the girl are half naked in it.

What is the Truth?

On December 7, 2021, the Pakistani media ‘Dawn’ reported on the viral video, “The victim of the Faisalabad incident went to the market with three other women to collect garbage at 10.30 am. According to the first information report, the victim had gone inside the electric store and asked the owner for water, but the owner had beaten the four women in the market and stripped them of their clothes, accusing them of stealing from the shop”.

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Pakistan’s Punjab Police have arrested five people, including the shop owner, in connection with the incident, according to a Twitter post by ‘Punjab Police Official’.

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However, a further search revealed that the incident turned out to be different from the CCTV footage taken there, and on December 8, news websites, including the Daily Pakistan and Tribune, reported that the women who had entered the shop had stolen and stripped themselves.

In the CCTV footage recorded inside the shop, one of the four women entering the shop goes inside, one of them takes an item from the shop and hides it in her dress after which the shop owner runs and tries to close the door. But, after the women came out, the owner beats them to capture them. Two women ran away from there and so the owner caught the other two women.

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In another CCTV footage, a woman crossing the road and returning to the location where the incident occurred has stripped off her clothes and the child’s and went into the crowd. The woman and the girl featured in this CCTV footage are featured in the viral video. Nowhere in the news and posts about this incident, it is mentioned as a matter of religion.

In the 33rd second of the viral video, the crying woman was seen removing the child’s dress.


WhatsApp video rumour spreads that a Hindu Dalit mother and daughter who refused to convert in Faisalabad, Pakistan, were stripped naked and assaulted in a public place.

It is understood that four women have been caught stealing from a shop in the Faisalabad area and this incident is spreading with rumours in India linking it with religion.

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