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Was the slogan “Modi Modi” raised in the Pakistani parliament?


Pakistani Parliamentarians shouting “Modi Modi” in Pakistan Parliament.

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The following video of Indian Prime Minister Modi’s name being chanted during a series of meetings of the Pakistani parliament has gone viral across India. Many BJP members, including Karnataka’s MP Shobha, have posted the video. The news about this video published by India TV is going viral in Tamil.

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Fact Check:

The name of the Prime Minister of India would have been not only in breaking news but also international news if the name of the Prime Minister of India had been knocked in the parliament of Pakistan during the ongoing feud between the two countries. However, the viral video has not even made headlines in India.

Searching for the slogan raised by the opposition at the Pakistani parliament meeting, the video of the viral news video from the 13.30th minute on the public news channel that aired the Pakistani parliamentary session series on October 26th. In it, you can hear the sound of “Voting Voting” at 13.30 minutes.

Opposition groups called for a “voting vote” when Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi filed a resolution in the Pakistani parliament against blasphemy and blasphemy. The speaker said, “The vote will take place. Be quiet.”

On October 26, Dunya News aired a speech exclusively by Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.’s article on the incident at the parliamentary session, entitled “NA unanimously adopts resolution against blasphemous sketches after noisy session,” states that the opposition shouted “Voting Vote.”

During the meeting, the foreign minister accused the opposition of echoing India’s views and influencing Prime Minister Modi. After that, the slogans were raised that those who are friends of Modi are the enemy of Pakistan.


In our search, it is understandable that the claim that video circulating as the Pakistani parliament that parliamentarians were shouting as “Modi Modi” was an edited one and completely false information, they are really shouted as “Voting Vote” to vote against the decision of the Pakistani Foreign Minister.

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