Is the Palestinian woman, Sarah, a professor at the University of Canada?


The Palestinian girl Sarah, who was holding her books at the moment, her house was demolished by the Israeli occupation in 2003. She currently holds an M.A in Languages, and lectures at a prestigious Canadian university.

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It is viral on social media the photos of a child and an Islamic woman claiming that Sarah, a Palestinian girl who was crying as she carried her textbooks during the 2003 Israeli occupation is currently working as a professor at a university in Canada.

What is the truth?

It is found that in June 2019, photographer Fadi A Thabet posted a photo of the baby on his social media pages while searching for the watermark “Fadi A Thabet” in the baby’s photo.

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In 2019, Palestinian photographer Fadi A Thabet posted an explanation of the claim that is viral, on his Facebook page. He has mentioned that the child is an Afghan girl whose family was killed in the Kabul explosion and the lady on the left is Susan Hamed, an Iraqi.

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Susan Hamed from Iraq is the founder of Human Development and the Generation of Social Value. She spoke about her success story in 2013 at TEDx Talks.


It is rumoured that Sarah, a Palestinian girl who was victimized in 2003, is currently a professor at a Canadian university. The first photo linked to the viral story was taken in 2013 when an Iraqi woman was speaking on the TEDx Talks, and the second photo was taken in Afghanistan in 2019.

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