This article is from May 18, 2021

The video claiming that Palestinians cheating the world by putting on makeup is fake!




The recent conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas group is well known around the world. Hundreds of Palestinians are said to have been killed and thousands injured in Israel. Vulnerabilities are occurring on both sides.

Israel continues to target buildings in Gaza. This has been condemned by the world community and the international media. In this case, the video is being shared on social media that people in Gaza are cheating the world by making up with fake blood as if they were victims.

Fact Check:

Watching the entire viral video, children and adults alike get caught up in the blast and put on make-up like a blood wound. But, it looks like all the artists are getting ready for the shoot.

The video was released on the Gaza Post channel in 2017. All of the currently circulating footage is featured in this video. Within 20 seconds of the start of the video, you can see the “Special Effect – Makeup” on the makeup wearer’s costume.

In 2017, a video was released on TRT World featuring footage of the “Palestinian film industry” going viral. Both videos feature interviews with professional artists working there.

These are the scenes where cinematographers put on make-up to build on what kind of impact the people living in the Gaza Strip have suffered.


In our search, 4 years ago Gaza cinema artists took a make-up video and were able to find out that by spreading the video the Palestinian people are spreading false rumours that they are deceiving the world and blaming Israel.

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