Pankaj Tripathi is the abuser. But social media users claim that he is a Muslim.

Horrific incident of a man beating a 19-year-old girl is taking a more cynical communal angle.


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My Hindus sister, love your Abdul so much that your Abdul throws you out of this world. Do more #MeraAbdulAisaNahiHai #PankajTripathi #TunishaSharma

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A video is being spread in social media by several users in Twitter and Facebook where they claim that a Hindu girl is being brutally beaten by a Muslim man and it has been claimed to be a case of Love Jihad with tags such as #MeraAbdulAisaNahiHai #LoveJihad #Hinduhas been shared. Some of these posts from both Twitter & Facebook platforms can be seen here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. The #MeraAbdulAisaNahiHai which translates as “My Abdul is not like that” has been more widely used since the murder of Shraddha Walker allegedly by Aftab Poonawalla.

What’s the truth?

We did a keyword search with the hashtags from the social media tweets in addition to generic terms which resulted in an article from “The Lallantop” which reported that the name of the abuser as Pankaj Tripathi. Upon further search, we found a tweet from ANI which reported that Pankaj Tripathi, 24, had beaten up his alleged girlfriend for asking him to marry her.

According to the report from ANI, SDOP Naveen Tiwari had given a statement that Pankaj Tripathi has been arrested following the complaint made by the victim by the Mauganj Police, Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s Official twitter handle had tweeted that the house of Pankaj Tripathi had been razed to the ground with a bulldozer, albeit without following the judicial process. The tweet also carried a warning that no one who commit atrocities against women in Madhya Pradesh will be spared.

There have been similar instances of unrelated incidents being blamed on Muslims before.

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A video of Pankaj Tripathi, a Hindu, brutally beating up his girlfriend for asking him to marry her is spread in social media with a totally false claim that the attacker was a Muslim.

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