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Food price list being spread as Parliament canteen’s. What is the truth ?


It is said that a family can eat peacefully with 27 rupees which is true. Here goes the price list: Tea – Rs.1, Soup – Rs.5.50, Meals – Rs.2, Chapathi – Rs.1, Dosa – Rs.4, Biryani – Rs.8. This cheapest price list is at the canteen for the members of Parliament.



An image claiming to be the price list of Parliament canteen for their members and other employees is doing rounds on the social media. A picture of the information published in a book based on social media posts is being circulated.

The cheapest price list of the Parliament canteen is shared every year on social media since 2012 in different languages. We decided to fact-check it since it is viral again now.

What is the Truth?

It is always debated about the cheapest price list of Parliament canteen. This is because of the subsidy offered to the food items provided to the employees and members of the Parliament. There are three canteens to provide food for the MPs and other employees of the Parliament.

However, the price of the food items has increased gradually. And it was said that the subsidy offered for the food items will also be cancelled. And as said new price list excluding the subsidy was released in 2021. The government has reported that 8 crore rupees per year would be saved if the subsidy is removed for the food items and if sold for a price slightly lesser than the market price.

In January 2021, Lok Sabha Secretariat has released the revised price list. Based on the said list, Soup costs 25 rupees, Dhal costs 40 rupees, dosa costs 30 rupees, chicken biryani 100 rupees and mutton biryani 150 rupees. Non-veg lunch buffet costs 700 rupees as maximum cost and veg lunch costs 500 rupees.

Chapathi is the least costed food on the list. It costs 3 rupees per chapathi. News articles related to the revised price list were published in January.

parliament canteen price 1

The claimed list seems to be the price list used before 2010. The cost of chapathi, dosa and a few other foods seems similar in the price list released by the Railway catering unit of the Parliament in December 2010.


The claimed food price list of Parliament canteen seems to have circulated for more than 10 years. The price of food items has been increased a few years back. It is obvious that the price list matches the market price now.

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