Morphed image is spread to claim Patanjali sells Beef Biriyani Mix




Patanjali is a multinational conglomerate company with a multi-billion dollar business with a presence in cosmetics, ayurvedic medicines, personal care and food products. The shares of the company reached an all-time high on 20th and 21st September 2022. It is backed by Yoga guru and spiritual leader Baba Ramdev and is headed by Balkrishna.


In the last few days, a picture of a Beef Biriyani masala mix pack has been virally shared and the image shows the brand to be ‘Ramdev’ and a Patanjali logo is pasted on it.


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What’s the truth?

We took the viral image and reverse image searched it. It led us to a Walmart page which showed the brand name to be “National” not “Ramdev”. Also, there was no mention of Patanjali in the package.

In further search, we found the company’s website. In the “About us” section of the website, we found that the company is from Pakistan which has a presence in various countries and it sells Pakistani cuisine based food products. One among them is a Beef Biriyani Mix.

This product’s packaging is digitally manipulated to show the name “Ramdev” along with a Patanjali logo to claim that the Indian conglomerate had made a Beef Biriyani Mix.


A product packaging from the National Foods is digitally manipulated to show the names “Ramdev” and “Patanjali” leading many to believe in a falsehood that Patanjali had made a Beef Biriyani Mix.

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