Patna’s teacher protest supported by BJP workers is falsely linked to Mewat violence


In the viral Hindi tweet which is roughly translated as, “Here, the policemen have given a good prasad to those who created riots in Mewat.”

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In this 1-minute 35-second long viral video, we can see a lot of people coming out of a street and running into the main roads without any particular direction. There are many policemen and army men charging their lathi on the people who try to run away. Moreover, we can hear a person giving running commentary about how the police are lathi-charging the people and how they are escaping. The incident is also covered by some people having big cameras presumably journalists with their cameramen.

This video is shared multiple times saying, look, how the police gave a nice prashad(beatings) to the people who created the riots in Mewat. Some users even added hashtags such as #MewatTerrorAttack and #Mewatviolence which can be viewed here, here, and here. Let’s see, how much truth this viral video holds.

What’s the truth?

While we started the research with the viral video using some relevant keyframes, we were able to identify that the above protest happened in Bihar. Similar visuals can be seen in a video uploaded by Aaj Tak and Republic World on July 13, 2023.

When we investigated it further, we found out that, the incident in the viral video happened in July in Patna, Bihar. Looks like, after the Bihar government’s announcement of adopting the “no domicile” policy for the recruitment of teachers, there was a massive demonstration. Moreover, it is said that a colossal faceoff broke out between cops and BJP party workers protesting and demanding Bihar Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav’s resignation regarding the land for a jobs scam in support of the aspiring teachers. We also got the matching visuals of the above viral video thread in the YouTube channel namely, “News18 Bihar Jharkhand” around the timeline 1:27:10.

Thus, we can clearly prove that the above video is from Patna during the protest of BJP party workers showing support against the Bihar government’s introduction of the new recruitment policy for teachers. It’s also been reported that a BJP party leader of Jehanabad died, during police lathi charge, while participating in the protest, reported Indian Express.


Therefore, we conclude that the video is 15-20 days old and it is also from Patna, Bihar and not Mewat, Haryana.

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