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“If you cannot control your lust..” – Did Periyar say it?


If you cannot control your lust get satisfied with your sister or mother, even they are women. Your satisfaction is important – E.V.Ramasamy, Viduthalai Magazine, 11.05.1953

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Numerous positive and negative comments and sayings claiming to be said by Periyar seems to spread often on social media. Social media users tend to share it without knowing the truth behind such claims.

One such claim is here, “If you cannot control your lust, get satisfied with your sister or mother, even they are women. Your satisfaction is important”. We were asked by our followers to fact-check it.

What is the Truth?


The social media posts share the information along with Viduthalai magazine cutting. Magazine date too is allegedly mentioned as 11.05.1953. When we sought the details Manjai Vasanthan’s article titled ‘Thaaka thaaka thalaippavar thanthai Periyar’ is found.

It is mentioned in the article, “a rumour was spread recently on social media. It claimed that Periyar commented on satisfying one’s lust with his sister or mother mentioning 11.05.1953 Viduthalai magazine as proof. This claim may appear to be true because of the fake proofs. Periyar followers searched for the magazine dated 11.05.1953 and proved that no such information was published in it”.

11.05.1953 dated Viduthalai magazine does not hold any information as in the claim. A copy of the magazine on the mentioned date is here for the reader’s view.


It is on the Viduthalai website on the denial of Periyar followers that Periyar did not say the lines, ‘if you cannot control your list…’. However, claimed proof dated 11.05.1953 Viduthalai magazine did not publish any such news.

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