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Is TN ranks second place among the states having a high tax on petrol and diesel?


People must know how the media and state governments are misleading the people by blaming only the central government on the taxation of petrol and diesel in India !! The union government levies 20% on petrol, 21% on diesel, 34% on state petrol and 25% on diesel. Tamil Nadu ranks second in state taxation on petrol and diesel, mainly in India !!



As petrol prices touch 100 again in India, condemns and posts on petrol and diesel prices are on the rise on social media.

Meanwhile, a meme post has been circulating on social media claims that the state government is spreading false accusation against the union government, only Tamilnadu ranks second place in the state having a high tax on petrol and diesel. Tamil Nadu BJP state secretary Sumathi Venkatesan shared it on his Twitter page.

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Fact Check:

There have been rumours circulating that the Union Government is levying lower taxes on petrol and diesel, while state governments are levying higher taxes. We have published several articles on such rumours.

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As on June 1, 2021, in Delhi, the base price of petrol was 36 rupees, the excise duty (Union Government) 32.90 rupees and the VAT (State Government) 21.81 rupees, for a total of 94.49 rupees. As such, the Union’s excise tax is higher than the state’s VAT.

India Today reported on April 14, 2021, “ Excise duty on petrol is said to be 36%. So, the claim that the Union government only levies a 20% tax on petrol is false information. 

Next, the VAT levied by state governments on petrol and diesel also plays a major role in the price of petrol and diesel. There is nothing to deny it. But it is also a lie to say that Tamil Nadu ranks second in levying higher VAT in India.

The official website of the Government of India’s Petroleum Planning & Analysis Cell (PPAC) publishes reports on VAT levied by state governments on petrol and diesel. Only the report released on May 1, 2021, was available. The June 2021 report is not featured there.

As per the report dated May 1, 2021, the Government of Tamil Nadu levies VAT of 15% + 13.02 on a litre of petrol and 11% + 9.62 on diesel. However, Rajasthan is said to levy 36% + road chess tax on petrol, Manipur 36.50% VAT, Telangana 35.20% VAT and Karnataka 35% VAT. These are more than Tamil Nadu.

Although the June report has not been released, and there has been no announcement or news that VAT on petrol and diesel has been raised in Tamil Nadu since the DMK government took over recently.

On June 12, India Today reported that Rajasthan was the highest taxing state in the country, followed by Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.


In our search, the data in the posts which spread as that “the Union government imposes only 20% and 21% tax on petrol and diesel in India” is fake. The Union government imposes a 36% excise tax on petrol. Next, the claim that Tamil Nadu is the second most VAT-paying state in India is also false.

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