Phanindra Subramanyam is not a Hindu seer or leader as BJP supporters claim.


Hindu Seer brutally murdered in Bengaluru. #Paneendra_subramanyam no more. Alarming situation in #Karnataka has arrived due to a Government that idolises tyrant #TipuSultan. Everyone should strongly protest! #CongressHaiToKillingsHai

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A photo of a person named Phanindra Subramanyam is shared to claim that he is a Hindu seer and was murdered in Bangalore. Several BJP leaders and supporters claim that he is a Hindu seer or leader and blames the Karnataka government and Congress mentioning that it idolises tyrant Tipu Sultan. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords, we found Times of India article reporting on the incident. The article mentions that Phanindra Subramanyam, Managing Director of a startup, Aironics Media Private Limited, and Vinu Kumar, CEO of the same company were killed by three men on July 11. One of the three accused is identified as Shabarish alias Felix, a former colleague, and the two others are said to be his associates. He had worked with both the victims in another company earlier.

The News Minute reported that the murder is due to a business rivalry and a total of four men have been arrested in this case including Arun Kumar, head of a rival company. The Additional Commissioner (East) Raman Gupta clarified that Phanindra is not a seer or a Saint, but a businessman. He added that the murder has nothing to do with religion, caste, or community. The case is presently under investigation.

According to DCP Northeast, Laxmi Prasad, Phanindra is a Hindutva supporter. Arun Kumar is also a Hindutva supporter and an Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader according to the police, reported The News Minute.

The Quint lists the names of the accused as Arun Kumar, Shabarish (aka Felix), Vinay Reddy, and Santhosh (aka Santhu). The article states that DCP Prasad confirmed that there is no communal angle and that all accused are from the same community as the deceased. Responding to claims that Phanindra is a member of a Hindu organisation, he said that the police aren’t aware of any membership so far. A random photo of Phanindra Subramanyam is shared to claim that he is a Hindu seer.


It is found that Phanindra Subramanyam is not a Hindu seer or saint and he was murdered due to a business rivalry. It has no communal angle as all the accused and victims are from the same community.

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