A Ph.D. thesis on Maruthu brothers is available on the internet disproving Governor Ravi’s claims.


Not even one Ph.D. thesis is found on Maruthu brothers – TN Governor Ravi

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Tamil Nadu Governor, Ravi, in a function commemorating the martyrdom of the Maruthu brothers, Periya Maruthu and Chinna Maruthu in Tiruchirapalli on 23, October 2023 lamented how several national freedom fighters including Maruthu brothers and Muthuramalingam Thevar from Tamil Nadu have been reduced to caste leaders. He alleged that a concerted effort is being made to erase the history of Tamil Nadu.

He also said that there are so many PhDs on a handful of 4 or 5 people but found none about the Maruthu brothers. He said, “And when I was looking into, I couldn’t find one on Marudhu Pandya. There are people who have done their self.. study, there are people who have done… but there is no PhD”.

What is the truth?

We found the Governor Ravi saying that not even one Ph.D. thesis on Maruthu brothers is found at the timestamp of 1:23:15 minutes of the live video of the event uploaded by News 18 Tamil Nadu. When searching for the Ph.D. thesis on the Maruthu brothers, we found multiple studies on the Maruthu brothers as Tamil Nadu Governor Ravi claimed. Some of them can be seen here, here, here and here. And we also found Ph.D.thesis on the Maruthu brothers.

Shodhganga is a repository for research scholars to deposit their Ph.D. thesis, and these thesis works are made available to the public. We found a Ph.D. thesis titled “The Role of Maruthu Brother in the Struggle for Freedom in South India – A Study” on the Sodhganga website.

We could not find more PhD thesis on the Maruthu brothers online. It is to be noted that not all Ph.D. thesis are uploaded on the internet. However, we found at least one PhD thesis done by Muthamil Selvi from Madurai Kamaraj University. This proves that the claim made by Tamil Nadu Governor Ravi that not even one Ph.D. thesis was found on the Maruthu brothers is false. 

Earlier, Governor Ravi lied that no child marriages happened in Chidambaram temple in 2022 even after the photos of the incident were circulated. But later, it is proved to be true. Youturn covered similar lies made by Tamil Nadu Governor Ravi and consolidated them in an article in Tamil.


Though there is not much Ph.D. thesis on Maruthu brothers, there is no truth in the claim made by Governor Ravi that there is not even one Ph.D. thesis on Maruthu brothers. We found at least one Ph.D. thesis on Maruthu brothers online.

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