Photo of a man transporting a mannequin in a bike is shared as ‘love jihad’.


His Abdul was different

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An image of a person on a bike with something covered and tied to the back seat where something appeared to be a human leg is revealed from the cover is viral on social media with the context that a Muslim man is carrying his Hindu wife/girlfriend covered on a bike after killing her. The posts have mentioned the name Abdul to represent a Muslim man as how it is used in ‘love jihad’ related posts.

The posts in Hindi are captioned as “उसका अब्दुल सब से अलग था” Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the viral image we found that it is a mannequin carried by the person and not a dead body as claimed.

An article dated 2, June 2023 by Cairo 24 is found carrying the viral image. The article reported that an owner of a clothing shop in the Mokattam area in Cairo requested a transport company to deliver a mannequin from one of his branches. The motorcyclist seen in the viral image received the mannequin and placed it on his bike after dismantling and covering it. However, the mannequin’s limb came out during his travel. The article further mentions that the shop owner took to the Facebook page of the shop to clarify the viral image.

The Facebook page of BG Clothing is found carrying the viral image with the caption in Arabic roughly translated as “We would like to thank the staff of our branches for their dedication in performing their work, regardless of the difficulties. And we tell them not to act again.” It further stated that the mannequin was transported to the Mokattam branch in Egypt’s Cairo.

Another Facebook post by BG Collections is found carrying the viral image along with a dressed mannequin placed in a shop stating that the mannequin has arrived at the shop.


It is found that the image of a man carrying a mannequin to be placed in a clothing shop in Egypt is falsely related to ‘love jihad’.

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