Photo of a person’s face crushed under a cop’s boot is not from recent wrestlers’ arrest.


If this image of a woman wrestler who has won medals for India does not stir you, nothing will of this fascist regime.

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The image of a person’s face being crushed by police with his boot is circulating on social media (Twitter) mentioning the phrase “If the image of the woman wrestler who has won medals for India does not stir you, nothing will of this fascist regime” in a context that the image is from the recent wrestlers’ protest. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

The image posted on social media claiming that a woman wrestler was crushed under a cop’s boot during the wrestlers’ arrest as “if this incident didn’t stir, nothing will happen in this fascist regime” is old and not from the recent arrest of wrestlers.

By carrying out a reverse image search we found the news articles including the Times of India, and the Deccan Chronicle dated February 01 and January 30, 2021, respectively carrying the same viral image.

Considering the Times of India article with the headline “Farmer’s protest: Man under boot now image of cop aggression”, was published in February 2021. The image is captioned “Delhi Police accused Ranjit of attacking a SHO with his sword and injuring him.” Hence the viral posts with this image that are circulating on social media are misleading as it happened during the Farmer’s protest in the Singhu border in 2021.

Moreover, the person in the image is identified as a young man, Ranjit Singh, 22, from Kajampur village of Punjab’s Nawanshahr district. He was arrested during a mob attack against farmers who were protesting. Ranjit Singh was accompanied by one of the members of the Kirti Kissan Union for protesting in the Singhu border for the third time said his brother Jaspreet Singh. When farmers began to retrospect the mob, the police swung into action to disperse the crowd.

The police yanked Lathi charge towards the crowd (farmers) across the barricade, meanwhile, Ranjit emerged from the barricaded area and had a sword stuck in his belt but he did not attack anyone. When he was pushed by Delhi police personnel he pushed them back. In the flash, multiple policemen rained him with lathis and this was the image all about.


Therefore from the above-mentioned details it is found that the image which was circulated on social media in the context that it was from the recent wrestlers’ arrest is misleading as it was the image of Ranjit Singh who was thrashed during Farmers’ protest in 2021.

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