Photo of a player from Singapore FC is viral with false claims.


U19 Punjab Vs Arunachal Pradesh

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An image of two players where one player looking tall and the other short is widely circulated on Facebook with the caption ‘U19 – Punjab Vs Arunachal Pradesh’. Some of the posts with the same claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the viral image with Google Lens we found multiple results mentioning Singapore in the title.

The viral image is seen posted on the ‘Weibo’ website mentioning the player as Giselle Blumke, the striker of the Tampines Rovers of the Singapore Women’s Football League. The post further stated that she is twice as tall as her opponent.

The viral photo is also found published on the Hardwarezone forum. When skimming through the comments section we found one of the readers comments mentioning the name of football player as ‘Giselle Blumke’ from Germany.

Sina, Chinese media published the viral photo with the caption roughly translated as “Singapore Women’s Football League Tampines Rangers forward Giselle Blumke easily scored a hat trick”. We further searched for her other pictures.

When searching the social media pages of  Singapore’s youth football club and league provider, ‘JSSL Singapore’ (Junior Soccer School and League Singapore), we found multiple images of the football player Giselle Blumke. This post mentions that the players are from JSSL TRFC Women’s team (Tampines Rovers Football Club). Another post on the JSSL Singapore Facebook page mentions Giselle Blumke as a foreign JSSL TRFC women’s player.

Other pictures of the football player revealed that she is naturally taller than other football players. This proves that the photo is not edited but real. But the viral posts claim that the photo is from ‘Under 19’ Punjab Vs Arunachal Pradesh, which is completely false. The football player belongs to JSSL TRFC Women’s team, Singapore.


It is found that a photo of a football player Giselle Blumke from Singapore football club is shared with the caption ‘Under 19 – Punjab Vs Arunachal Pradesh’.

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