Photo of an expressway in China shared as JK NH 44 crediting to Modi.


Jammu National Highway 44. Can’t believe in seeing, this is in our country.

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An image of bridges over a stream in between the mountains are shared as Jammu Kashmir National Highways 44. This image is viral with a similar claim on Facebook and Twitter. It is captioned in Hindi as “जम्मू नेशनल हाईवे 44| देखने मे तो विश्वास नही होता ये अपने देश मे है ।।।” Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

One of the tweets carrying the image mentions that India’s opposition is blind and deaf, that’s why they don’t see the dazzling development in their roaring eyes. Another tweet appreciates Modi mentioning that “In a country where proper roads were not built for 70 years, today master piece / world class highways are being built.”

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the viral image with Google Lens we found that the photo of the expressway does not belong to India but to China. The same photo is featured on the Caixin Global website in a gallery titled “China Has Big Plans for Highway Expansion”. The viral image is captioned “The Weiyuan-Wudu expressway in Northwest China’s Gansu province opened to traffic in 2020.”

It is mentioned that “China is planning to build around 461,000 kilometers of roads and highways by 2035. Unveiled by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Transport, the construction is aimed at creating a road network that is ‘efficient, green, intelligent and safe,’ according to state media. As of 2021, the country has invested heavily in road infrastructure, building some 117,000 kilometers of national highways.”

A Chinese website Gansu, China Gansu Network is found carrying an image from the same location taken from another angle. The article is titled “Longnan section of Weiwu Expressway opened for trial operation today” in Chinese. The Longnan section of the Weiyuan-Wu Expressway was opened for trial operation on January 1, 2020.

In addition to it, when skimming through the images of Jammu Kashmir NH 44 we did not find any reports featuring the viral image.

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It is found that a photo of the Longnan section of the Weiyuan-Wu Expressway in China is shared as Jammu Kashmir NH 44 crediting to Modi.

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