Photo of Manipur BJP VP and his son is falsely linked to viral video case.


They are the Manipur accused. Recognise them by their clothes.  यह मणिपुर कर आरोपित हैं। इन्हें कपड़ो सेपहचानो

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A spine-chilling video of two women paraded naked in Manipur has shaken the country. Arrests of the accused are being made after the video went viral. Meanwhile, two persons from the viral video are compared to a photo showing two people in RSS uniform to claim them as the accused in Manipur viral video case. The viral posts are captioned “Recognize Manipur accused by their clothes”, in the context that they are RSS members as they are seen wearing RSS uniforms.

This tweet was initially shared in Malayalam with such a claim and later by Communist party leader,  Subhashini Ali and is amplified by other social media users. Subhashini Ali’s tweet has gained a million views, more than 3.5k retweets and 9.5k likes as of this writing. Some of the other posts with such claims can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the people in the viral photo are not the accused of Manipur viral video case. A tweet by ‘Bunch of Thoughts’, an RSS-supporting Twitter page mentioned that the claim is fake. The tweet mentioned that the picture of the BJP Vice President of Manipur State and his 10-year-old innocent son is being circulated on social media claiming as the culprit of the viral video case from Manipur.

The tweet also carries the Aadhaar card of Chidananda Singh and a letter by Chidananda Singh, BJP Vice President, Manipur, to the state’s DGP requesting to take action against the fake news spreaders, who are in this case, people from Kerala and some parts of South India. The letter further states that the viral photo is of Chidananda Singh and his son Sachinanda Singh and it is said that the photo was taken from his Facebook page to misuse it by pasting the visuals from the viral video of two women paraded naked in Manipur.

When skimming through his Facebook page we found a post dated October 2022 carrying a set of photos including the viral photo. The post is captioned “Path Sanchalan, RSS Imphal Jila, yesterday 16 October with my son Ch Sachinanda n cousin Ashoka.”

Subhashini Ali quoted her viral tweet to apologise mentioning that it is incorrect. However, she did not delete it yet and is being shared by many.

Youturn covered the fake news related to Manipur and the articles can be read here.

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It is found that a photo of Manipur BJP VP and his son is shared by Communist party members to falsely claim that they are the accused in Manipur viral video case.

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