Photograph of Modi with a book titled ‘101 ways to save Adani’ is edited


Always keeping the cheat-code handy

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A photograph of Modi reading a book titled ‘101 ways to save Adani’ is shared by multiple verified Congress social media pages including the Indian National Congress to claim that Modi is always keeping the cheat-code handy. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

With a simple reverse search, the photo is found to be photoshopped. The original image is found on two different webpages ‘Carnegie’ and ‘The Wire’.

The original image is found in the Carnegie article dated 8, June 2014 titled “Prime Minister Modi Launches Getting India Back on Track”.

The article further mentions that two weeks after becoming India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi launched the book Getting India Back on Track: An Action Agenda for Reform at 7 Race Course Road.

The Wire article dated August 2017 titled “Carnegie Endowment in India: Promoting US Leadership With Indian Corporate Wealth” is found carrying the original image mentioning it as Prime Minister’s first book launch.

The book is mentioned as a playbook for how Indian policymakers can return the country to a path of high and sustained economic growth.


It is found from our search that the title of the book Modi had it in his hands ‘Getting India Back on Track’ is edited as ‘101 ways to save Adani’ and is shared by Congress social media pages to ridicule him.

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