The old video of Fake Plastic Eggs are toy eggs made in China



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A video is going viral on social media claiming to be plastic eggs being made in India. The video also shows a person scooping up the white glue-like liquid from a bowl and placing it in a row of plastic egg nests. Similar posts with such claims can be viewed here and here.

What’s the truth?

An analysis of the keyframes of the viral video through a Google reverse image search revealed that the video has been circulating on social media since 2018.

Upon further investigation, it led us to an article published in 2017 about this same video which was circulating, on China’s media page. It said that the eggs were actually toys made in China for children to play with and were displayed for sale on e-commerce sites there.

The same yellow labels shown in the viral video can also be seen pasted between these three toy eggs for sale.

These toy eggs for children are also displayed for sale on various online business sites in China. It says “Korean God of Cookery Poached Egg Sharpee Glue” in Chinese. This confirms that these are fake toy eggs.

In 2018, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) investigated and issued a report on the video that was circulated.

It says, “Plastic eggs or artificial eggs are just a myth. There is no technology here to produce plastic or artificial eggs that resemble natural eggs,” it explained.

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Does this video show a factory making sugar using thermocol?


In our search, we conclude that the video of making plastic eggs in India is old from 2017 and these are actually toy eggs made in China.

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