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Is the posts circulating about the business of Prime Minister Modi’s family true?


This is what called as family political gain !!

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A long texted post has gone viral on social media that this is the business of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s brothers and close relatives, the positions they hold and the jobs they hold. Followers are also asked us to post about its authenticity.

Fact Check:

In 2016, India Today published a detailed report on the family of Prime Minister Modi’s brothers entitled “The other Modis”. In it, it was revealed that Somabhai Modi, Amrutbhai Modi, Arvindbhai Modi, Bharatbhai Modi and others have distanced themselves from Prime Minister Modi’s circle of politics and influence and their careers and normal lives.

This article was written by Uday Mahurkar, former co-editor of India Today. He is currently the Information Commissioner of the Government of India. He tweeted that he was spreading false information about Prime Minister Modi’s relatives.

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The news website Deshgujarat had completely denied the rumours circulating about Prime Minister Modi’s relatives and said that they were spreading false information.

Prime Minister Modi’s elder brother Somabhai Modi’s claim to be the chairman of the Appointments Board in Gujarat is not true. This is because it is simply referred to as the recruitment board. He is not mentioned as the chairman of any employment board in the state. No such information was available when we were searched.

Another elder brother Amrutbhai Modi has not been featured in any media news or real estate websites as the biggest real estate tycoon in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

In November 2019, The Print reported that his younger brother Prakash Modi is the Vice President of the All India Fair Price Shopkeepers Association.

“As far as I know, none of Prime Minister Modi’s family or relatives owns a showroom,” said the former CEO of the Ahmedabad-based Maruti showroom, according to the Alt website.

Another younger brother, Pankaj Modi, is said to be the vice-chairman of the Appointments Board, just as Somabhai Modi is said to be the chairman. There is no evidence for that.

Bhogilal Modi claims to be the owner of Reliance Mall However, Reliance Mall is a subsidiary of Reliance Retail. Individuals cannot own Reliance Retail. Likewise, claims Ashokbhai Modi owns a Reliance mall is also an incorrect one.

Similarly, no claim or explanation has been given for the claim made about the occupations of other relatives. they continue to create unconfirmed information and spread it on social media by both parties. Political party supporters from both side also spread rumours so that people could not easily know what the real information was.


We had earlier published an article on succession politics in the BJP. But what is being spread about all the family and relatives of Prime Minister Modi is completely false.

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